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New Memorial Division webpages:


NEW safe house, in Baguio City, Philippines!  

They also have a Facebook Page and Webpage

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DHAHRAN Newsletters:

2012 Sep Newsletter

2012 Jul/Aug Newsletter


New Pattaya Watering Hole


Korea 한국지회


AFGHAN Temporary Division

Afghan has new watering hole! Jacks Tora Bora Cafe


Menton, France 2007 Trip Photos(Large file, slow download.)

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This guy can not be a member, we refer to him as a commie SOB across the DMZ in North Korea.


Afghanistan Division Link!

The new CP1 BLOG


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CP1 Eulogy for use by members circa 1980

1984 CP1 History written by C A S Helseth

Scholarships listed at Lint Center for National Security Studies




Soldier's Angels Support Network Donated by Member Robin Scher


Reference Guide for REALifelines      Donated by Gary Scher


TEN COMMANDMENTS OF THE 40&8         Donated by Roger Gowen

Rick Eaton Memorials

France 06 Trip info LINK



See our 2014 News Page


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Welcome to China Post No. 1, one of the oldest American Legion Posts in the World. It is the only Post operating in exile in the American Legion, as well as, the only Post nominally headquartered in a Communist country.

The Post was formed in 1919, one year after the "great war," and chartered by the American Legion on 20 April 1920. The first and only American Legion Post in China at that time, the original name was General Frederick Townsend Ward Post No. 1, China.
Read more of the Post's history

Fred Platt is our current Commander and Adjutant.
You can reach Fred here. (SEE SITE NEWS!!)


REUNION 2014 Info from Cdr Fred Platt + Registration FORM



Start of 2014 with pictures of Hans and David Ryan (CP1 SAL) from a trip to Truk Lagoon diving the Japanese wrecks from Operation Hailstorm, Feb. 17, 1944.  They took our banner to new depths!!




CP1 member Ken Casper Jones participating at the 2012 American Legion Parade in Indianapolis.

CP1 member Ken Casper Jones participating at the 2012 American Legion Parade in Indianapolis.



TO JOIN China Post 1: 

1. Must meet general requirements to belong to the American Legion
2. Must be sponsored by a current member of China Post 1 who can validate your service
 3. Do NOT apply over the Internet as it will be ignored


Time Sensitive Notices: Welcome to the new Pattaya Watering Hole

The 2011 Reunion Discussed NEW Communication Methods
Remember to sign up for the List Server to keep informed!
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Dep Cdr Bill Anton was inducted into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame in August 09. (See webpage)

SignFred attended for CP1 Ranger Hall of Fame  (Review Journal)


New Request for Info Form to Commo to Post HQ


China Post 1 Virtual Museum


  We have  a new feature, search engine on our site.  Also on S2online (Security Manager site) and Storybasket Asian Cross Culture, Webmaster or Mrs. Webmaster's various sites.

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See our Communication PowerPoint Presentation on the various communication channels the CP1 has for YOU!!

JRL presented this at the 2007, 2009, & 2011 Convention

Click on the best style for you to read.

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We have a new BLOG!

The main page is  

The welcome page of the blog is HERE

See W.E.B. Griffin's new book THE HOSTAGE, page 323 has a portion on CP1.   smile6.gif (242 bytes)



Members from Korea Div in Shanghai, China at original Post home!! See more info on Shanghai, China Trip to CP1 Original Home with Photos!! 


  China Post member is in the news
John Cavaiani
was on a mission in August 2011 to assist JPAC with orientation and location of items at the site of Hickory Hill Assault (Vietnam).  JPAC will use this information to plan further excavations for remains.  This photo is courtesy of China Post member Steve Thompson, Family Liaison for JPAC, who helped arrange for John to travel to the site. 
 (You may click on photo)
In this photo he is shown passing out candy to some local youths. Credit JPAC for Photo


Member SFC Hill Silver Star write up is in Penthouse Jul/Aug 2011 Edition. He is also a CP1 AL Rider. Ron, he was not in the Centerfold!


Mac T with Hans Stockenberger, along with Mike & Ronda Trusler at Texas Lonestar in Bangkok, Thailand before Thanksgiving 09. 

Mac and Hans in Lone Star Bar in Thailand

Competition for Mark H's CP1 Photo

James (Doc) Wengenroth on left and (Chesty  a former Marine of course) Jeremy Manchester on right. Chesty is a post member of course . Both of us were Convoy Security Escort Team Leaders

Team house red zone Baghdad


Major Mark displaying CP1 sticker.

We will soon start contest on who displays best CP1 sticker location.

When you stick one or see one, send JRL a photo!

(Note, photo modified nametag for OPSEC reasons. CP1 will not put in-sandbox names on the web.)


Baghdad Airport (above) See News Page



Korea Division on DMZ



CP1 Meeting at Fort Meade, MD PX.

Members Bill Cowell and W.E.B Griffin, Bill checked his CP1 Card.

Bill showed up with his CP1 hat. W.E.B Griffin/William Edmund Butterworth III (real name) recognized it and showed his CP1 membership card. Remember, "A post meeting happens when two members meet."


China Post 1 Virtual Museum


Standing notice: We are seeking member volunteers to translate the Post History into other languages. Currently we only have Korean. Please contact the webmaster if you can help with this.

PI  Year End Ltr

REUNION 2014 Info from Cdr Fred Platt + Registration FORM
See our 2014 News Page
Sign up but give us enough data to identify you.



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CP1 is a Member

Learn about it by clicking the logo.


This year the China Post, in conjunction with the Kilburn Law Firm, PLLC and Students Supporting Troops at South Texas College of Law, in Houston Texas, united in a single mission: Provide wounded soldiers a Christmas season full of appreciation and honor.  See the great job done!



Webmaster's published in Army APG Newspaper:  "Remembering Operational Security and the Korean War"

Commo Brief CP1Info Cards

Locations of visitors to this page

New Scholarship in Post Member Rick Eaton's Memory

New Scholarship sponsored for Member Jack McCoy


Jack McCoy's first book,

A Tugboat Sailor: The Life and Times of Billy Jack McCoy In the Forgotten War  


W.E.B Griffin Link for CP1 Book Signing

The new W.E.B Griffin book, “The Hunters” has China Post 1 mentioned again.  He says it is the place to go to acquire special skilled people in a civilian status. See Page 51.  One good paragraph for CP1. 


Photo page for things members do

1984 CP1 History written by C A S Helseth

Our Virtual Museum has many other old items

Members R.I.P.

CP1 Eulogy for use by members circa 1980

See more in NEWS

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Info to compare zip codes. Great for targeting areas for retirement!




CP1 Member Retired Col. Lewis L. Millett, who received the Medal of Honor OBIT


Retired Sgt. Maj. Jon R. Cavaiani, former prisoner of war and Medal of Honor recipient, dies in California ORIT


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