Welcome to the China Post #1® Website

China Post 1 is an American Legion post, unique in that, it is a post – the only post within the American Legion – operating in exile. China Post 1 was formed in 1919 at the American Club in Shanghai. During the late 1940’s, the battle between communist and nationalist forces for control of China was settled in favor of the communists. In November 1948, China Post 1 sent its records to National Headquarters in Indianapolis and went into exile.
Today, China Post 1 is part of the Department of France and a member of  Foreign Departments and Posts of The American Legion (FODPAL). The post still has no permanent home, although “watering holes” around the globe offer a space for meetings, which are considered to occur “wherever two or more members meet.”

The unique quality of China Post #1 is reflected in the character of its membership.  In addition to meeting the qualifications established by the National Constitution of the American Legion, China Post #1 members are usually further distinguished by the character of their service. Post members generally have had a significant career in active service, a meritorious period of duty or of acts while in service, or they have civilian careers or professions after honorable service working in, or in support of operations in the international community.