American Legion Riders

Membership Requirements

The membership requirements for the American Legion Riders are
very straightforward. To become a member, you must…

1 Be a current member of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion.
2.  Own a motorcycle (at least 350cc) or be the spouse of an owner who is an American Legion Riders member.

In order to become a China Post 1 “Dragon Rider”, you must be a member of China Post 1 or one of its associated bodies, meet the membership requirements, and submit a complete application with the appropriate fees.

Once your application has been approved and accepted you may order your American Legion Rider back patch. The American Legion Riders back patch are ordered from the American Legion Emblems Sales store.  If you  are a Legion Rider in California or Kansas,  you must call emblems sales at (888) 453-4466 and tell them you are from China Post 1.

The Dragon Rider patch (pictured below) and the round Dragon Riders patch for your vest can be ordered directly through the China Post 1 American Legion Riders, Director.

These patches are unique to our organization and are used as a means of recognition in large Legion Rider gatherings.  They are for Dragon Riders only. The cost for the pair of patches is $16.00. Mail your check to:

Al Salas

Our annual dues are a minimum of $25.00 annually and take the form of a donation to the American Legion Legacy Fund. The American Legion Legacy fund tries to ensure higher education is a possibility for children whose parents lost their lives while serving our country. Beginning with the 2017 award year, the American Legion expanded the scholarship to include children of VA-rated, post-9/11 veterans with a combined disability rating of 50 percent or higher. Your contributions to the Legacy Fund ARE tax deductible, so please give generously.

Mail your application and dues to:
Al Salas
or attach to an email to

China Post 1 Dragon Shirts are available sizes small through 3xl for $25.00 ea. Shirts are available through our S.A.L. Commander.

Contact the SAL Commander directly by clicking the link above.