American Legion Riders Program

China Post 1 – Dragon Riders

The China Post 1 American Legion Riders Program, also known as the China Post 1 Dragon Riders, was first founded during the 2005 China Post 1 Reunion and first Charter Members signed in 2006. 



Ronald and Marlys Burkett

Charter Members


Gerald Griffin

Robert Senko

Art Muzzicato

Joel Eisenberg

Gregory Rogers

Gerald Damewood

Gary Howe

Lee Hammoch

George White

Randy Bridges

Scott Hilton

Milt Brown

Tony Riddle

Michael Maloy

Barry Cauley

Stanley Waite

Chip Britton

Kenneth Jones



Membership Requirements

The membership requirements for the American Legion Riders are very straightforward. In order to become a China Post 1 ALR “Dragon Rider”, you must be a member of China Post 1 or one of its associated bodies, meet the membership requirements, and submit a membership application with the appropriate dues.



1) Be a member in good standing with China Post 1 American Legion (Legionnaires – Veterans), Sons of American Legion, or The American Legion Auxiliary

2) Own, either individually or thru marriage, a motorcycle (at least 350cc) that is two wheel or a trike similar to Harley, Goldwing, Can-Am, etc., which is straddled like a two wheel.

3) Provide proof of a “Motorcycle” endorsement on your license, and valid/current insurance for your motorcycle(s)

Do not order patches/make a vest until your application has been approved.  You will be informed by the Director or Asst Director, upon approval, and informed how to obtain the patches you need and/or want to use.  There is also an ALR mini patch you can wear on the front of the vest regardless which back patch you choose to use.


The “Dragon Riders” patch is only for riders and are unique to our organization and used as a means of recognition when in large gatherings with other American Legion Riders.

Our annual dues and costs for patches are subject to change.  Currently, the riders’ dues are a minimum of $25.00 annually, or you can pay more which we use as charitable funds toward the current priority mission(s) as identified by ALR National, China Post 1, and/or the Dragon Riders program.


E-mail your application to –

For dues, click the “DUES” menu option above, choose CP1 – Membership Dues, and then select in drop down window “CP1 ALR” for the appropriate year.  Riders’ dues must be paid separately – not coupled with other membership dues.

If needing to mail the dues as a check or money order, ensure it is a separate check (not coupled with Post/Program dues), made out to China Post 1, and put Dragon Rider dues in the note field.  Note: Membership in the riders program may be delayed if paying by check as the check must clear the bank prior to completion of membership approval. 

Then send check/money order to:

Terry Parker
1528 Santa Lucia Dr
North Las Vegas, NV 89031


Download CP1 ALR Application Form

Download optional CP1 ALR Emergency Medical Record

China Post 1 ALR – Dragon Riders Bylaws

ALR National Guidance

ALR National Resolution 5





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