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The China Post 1 Building and Museum Fund – Established in 1981, the Building Fund is designed to provide funding for a self-sustainable space for China Post 1 to house and display some of its archival holdings. But we are not limited to just storage and maintenance of our holdings, In fact, we have plans that are much more ambitious than that. We are looking to raise $1.2M for several Post building and museum projects. The first objective is to create and promote a virtual museum. An online presence that our worldwide membership can enjoy without the associated travel expense. The storyline has been written and we are now in the process of creating a “Museum Plan” which will offer us the opportunity and provide us direction for the development of an RFP for the work. The second part of that funding will be utilized to purchase a physical site that can secure and hold the China Post 1 archival material. We have already identified a number of sites that would suit our purposes.

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