The concept of Divisions was born out of necessity as members of China Post 1 are so geographically isolated.  The first “Chapter” of China Post was was the Laos Chapter. The Laos group was called a “Chapter” because they were a new entity within the Post. This Chapter would be the forerunner of the Divisions as we know them today. Groups were also organizing in Thailand and Vietnam, etc., and J.C. Bond suggested to Cash a “Division” concept whereby members in different areas could meet, socialize, and—where possible—become involved in community service and charitable works. It was a unique concept for a unique Post. As the first few Divisions were formed, they were named after members killed in action. However, because there were so many KIA’s, choosing a Division name became difficult. Therefore, to honor all who had made the supreme sacrifice, the Divisions would be called “Memorial Divisions”—the name used today.

Afghanistan | Bahrain | Dahrain | Guatemala | Korea | Philippines | Thailand | United States | Nevada

Afghanistan – “Jacks Tora Bora Cafe” It is on the rooftop of the Mustafa Hotel in Kabul, and run by two American expats called Weiss and Sol. (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Guatemala – Shakespeare’s Pub, 13 Calle 1-51, Zona 10, Guatemala City Phone: +011 502 2331-2641, Shakespeare’s Pub, located in the middle of the free zone in Guatemala City, has been owned by a lady named Valerie, an ex-pat, for 27 years.

PhilippinesTemporary watering hole in Baguio City:  The Newtown Plaza Hotel, ELEMENTS Bar, Navy Base Road, Baguio City Philippines. They also have a Facebook Page. You may contact JD Keller at +63 927 445 6868

Thailand –

United States

Northern Virginia Division – P.O.C. Mike Evers

Houston Memorial Division – P.O.C. Doug Terrill

Andros Island Memorial Division  – P.O.C.  Angel Colon

Nevada Memorial Division, P.O.C. Jim Lint, We meet 2d SAT at NOON at Leatherneck Club, Las Vegas