Dues and Membership

The administration offices  for China Post 1 has been relocated to Henderson, NV and we have a new Adjutant Jeff Carson.  All membership cards, requests for renewals and dues payments should be sent to our new address.

American Legion: China Post 1
13359 North Highway 183
Suite 406-566
Austin, TX 78750
Office phone: 214-250-7137
Email: adjutant@chinapost1.org
Web page: www.chinapost1.org


China Post Dues for this year are $50.00 and can be mailed to the Office of the Adjutant. For your convenience, donations to the Dragon Fund may be added to your dues check to avoid having to write two checks.

If you chose to renew your membership online at: Online Membership Renewal you may still donate to the Dragon Fund by mailing a check to the Adjutant at the address listed above. Remember that all donations to the Dragon Fund help China Post 1 maintain our worldwide charitable presence and are tax deductible.

American Legion programs and services include: Troop Support, Child Welfare Foundation, Heroes to Hometowns, American Legion Baseball, Department Service Officers, Family Support Network, Flag Advocacy & Etiquette, Junior ROTC & ROTC, Operation Comfort Warriors, Scholarships, Veterans Job Fairs, and many others. Thank you for ensuring that The American Legion remains the most powerful voice in America on behalf of veterans, service members, their families, and communities across the nation.

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