From the Commander

From the Commander to all members:

Re: Past Commander Scott Reibel

Scott Reibel was served by email and certified mail sent January 19, 2022 of sworn to charges brought against him by two members of the post. After granting Mr. Reibel an extension a hearing was held by ZOOM with all the executive committee members present on February 19, 2022. Mr. Reibel did not appear. The charges were as follows: 

Violating the Constitution and Bylaws of the Post while Commander by 

a. Unilaterally and without executive committee approval, as Commander, fire or vacate 6 members of the executive committee, replacing some with others of his choosing in violation of the constitution and bylaws.

b. Publishing on Facebook and the Post Poop sheet a call for all the members to vote directly by email for officers and executive committee members in violation of procedures in the constitution and bylaws.
c. Using the proprietary email list of the Post to email directly members of the post  with his complaints regarding the executive committee in violation of the constitution and bylaws.

Even though he did not appear the hearing conducted by the Post JAG heard all the evidence (previously sent Mr. Reibel) and came to a decision.

The executive Committee unanimously voted to expel Scott Reibel from the Post and recommend expulsion from the American Legion. The Adjutant was directed to file the necessary forms with the Department of France. This I hope ends the discontent within the Post about the events and I would like to reiterate that the Post officers and executive committee stand ready to discuss, evaluate, and implement any changes that benefit all the members and the efficient operation of the Post.


Jeff Carson

Commander China Post 1