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Qing Dynasty Flag:

9×12” synthetic

The flag of the Qing dynasty was an emblem adopted in the late 19th century featuring the Azure Dragon on a plain yellow field with the red flaming pearl of the three-legged crow in the upper left corner. It became the first national flag of China and is usually referred to as the “Yellow Dragon Flag” (traditional Chinese: 黃龍旗; simplified Chinese: 黄龙旗; pinyin: huánglóngqí).

Ruling China from 1644 until the overthrow of the monarchy during the Xinhai Revolution, the Qing dynasty was the last imperial dynasty in China’s history. Between 1862 and 1912, the dynasty represented itself with the dragon flag.

Throughout the history of China’s imperial dynasties, yellow was considered the royal color of successive Chinese emperors. The legendary first emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor (traditional Chinese: 黃帝; simplified Chinese: 黄帝; pinyin: huángdì). Members of the imperial family of China at that time were the only ones allowed to display the color yellow in buildings and on garments. The Emperor of China usually used a Chinese dragon as a symbol of the imperial power and strength. Generally, a five-clawed dragon was used by emperors only.

In Chinese culture, a flaming pearl is shown on top of the dragon’s head. The pearl is associated with wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

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General Ward Imperial Dynasty Flag and Pin Set.