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China Post 1 Service Caps

When first issued to U.S. “doughboys” in World War I, the hat was called the overseas cap as it was only worn by troops in France who were given the French type forage cap, as they did not have their wide-brimmed campaign hats with them. The overseas cap could be stored easily when the helmet was being worn. A blue overseas cap was adopted post-war by the American Legion, but the hat largely disappeared from the Army between the wars, with the exception of the Army Air Corps (who called it the “flight cap”) where it was authorized in August 1933and armored units.

However it returned in 1939 with a finalized specification as of February 1941. The hat was widely issued from then on as “the garrison cap.” With the replacement of the service cap and campaign hat, the garrison cap was given branch of service color piping, as had earlier been the case with the cord of the campaign hat (light blue for infantry, red for artillery, yellow for cavalry, etc.). This practice was discontinued when individuals had to purchase a new hat if they were transferred to a different branch of the service. Officers’ piping was similarly carried over from campaign hat cords and continues: warrant officers’ caps are piped in silver and black, commissioned officers’ caps are piped in gold and black, and general officers’ caps are piped in gold.

The Official China Post 1 Garrison Cap come in Navy Blue with gold piping. The S.A.L. cap comes in light blue with red, white and blue piping.


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