Virtual Museum

The China Post 1 Virtual Museum was set up and maintained by Sr. Vice Commander and current Adjutant, Jim Lint over the last eighteen years.  We have recently been offered several opportunities for a brick and mortar site, which has been a collective desire of the Post since going into exile in 1949.  The Commander, who has nearly 30 years of professional archaeological, anthropological, archival and curator experience, will establish and guide a group consisting of the Deputy Commander, Judge Advocate, Historian and several other members as we attempt to inventory, interpret, categorize and eventually display this historic collection.

We congratulate Jim for his efforts and solicit your patience as we resume this Herculean effort.

Click here to visit Virtual Museum on the old site: Virtual Museum    

Short video of former Commander Fred Platt explaining the succession of post commanders since 1939.  Thanks to Bill Sparkman.