Michael R. “Hooker” Maloy

1947 – 2017

A long time China Post 1 member Mike Maloy passed away in San Antonio, Texas June 19, 2017. Mike has been a long time China Post 1 Dragon Rider and member of Chapter XV of the Special Forces Association.  He has been a good friend to many people in this organization and will be missed. Mike had an immoderate sense of humor and may hold the distinction of being the only China Post 1 member to have been conceived in the American Club in Shanghai, China before it’s closing in 1949.  The following is an email from Mike to the former Director of the Dragon Riders and current CP1 Commander.

Thanks for the link to China Post #1.  This is the first time I noticed the “History” tab and I really enjoyed reading the entire thing. 
You may recall, I was born in Nanking (now pronounced Nanjing), China in 1947.  My mom and dad were both there from 1944 until sometime in mid 1948.  Mom worked for the US State Dept. and Dad was a First Lieutenant in the Army Air Force as a night fighter pilot flying P-61’s.   They met in Nanking in 1945, got married in November 1946, honeymooned in Shanghai, and I was born exactly 270 days (that’s 9 months) later in August 1947. 
My dad stayed in the Air Force and retired as Major General in 1975.  He also flew F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam in 1967 and was shot down over North Vietnam and rescued by Jolly Green in October of 1967.  Dad died of cancer in 1995.  I remember him saying he and Mom visited the American Club in Shanghai while on their honeymoon so there is a very good chance I began life at the home of China Post #1, The American Club, in Shanghai in November of 1946.
I joined China Post #1 as soon as I heard about it in 1998, from some friends who, like me, were also pilots in S.E.A. Sorry to be so long winded but I thought you might enjoy hearing the background on my CP#1 membership.
Look forward to seeing you at the SFA Christmas Banquet next month.