CP1-Anniversary Pin and Coins Set


Included in this package are two enamel Anniversary Pins and five each of both the Bronze Challenge coins and five of the 2 inch dia. Anniversary Coins.

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Anniversary Coin and Pin Pack

Challenge Coins are a tradition that started during WW 1. The first coins were issued to battalions as symbols of camaraderie and unity, and have been prized by Veteran’s ever since. Over time the “challenge” came when the service member having a coin to show proof of membership in a campaign, battle group or event. Challenge Coins are often traded between service members and are a great source of pride.  Each roll contains 5 bronze Challenge Coins, 5 Centennial Color Challenge Coins and 2 enamel Anniversary Pins.  for only $100. That is a $50 savings, if you were to purchase these individually.  This pin is approximately 1” in diameter and commemorates the 100th anniversary of China Post 1.  Made of the highest quality material this pins finish is baked enamel featuring the “pre-exile” China Post 1 dragon “ Soldiers of Fortune and China Post 1” registered trademark.